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The Cobra's webpage

Free software is software that respects users' freedom and community.

Yo waddup, I'm Skylar (she/her), AKA The Cobra. I am a student, computer scientist, sysadmin, programmer, just about a Church Of Emacs Saint, free software developer and advocate, privacy advocate, and most based ~vern admin.

I run GNU Guix System on my libreboot ThinkPad T500 and postmarketOS on my mostly deblobbed PinePhone, which I only ever use as a NAT when I'm out. I'm a free software developer and activist, and use only free software. I also love pizza.

Here's a man page for tone indicators as command line flags

Copyright information about various things on this site can be found here, and a history of my avatar can be found here

And here's some other cool sites!

I am a Saint In the Church Of Emacs

Some of my interests include:

The programming languages I know/use are:

Hardware/firmware/OS/DE I use:

Software et al. miscellaneous things I use:

Some music that I like in order of how much I like them (non-free licenses sadly):